The journal Folia Geographica is dedicated to traditional and contemporary geography. It has a long history, dating back to its first issues in 1929, when it published research papers with the Latvian Geographic Society, founded in 1923. The journal Folia Geographica is a vital journal for the Latvian geographical research as it publishes contributions related to geography, reflecting regional and thematic topicalities in these fields. Moreover, the journal is aimed at presenting research related to issues and scientific interests relevant to geographers.

Besides, materials essential for geography teachers and chronicles related to the Latvian Geographic Society are also published.

The journal Folia Geographica is a free-access journal. Issues can be accessed online or in print at the Library of Natural Sciences of the University of Latvia. The authors will gain new readership, along with opportunities to be quoted and networked. All published papers are available free of charge to the broadest spectrum of readers.

The editorial board initially assesses all submitted manuscripts. The second step is a peer review by an independent, anonymous reviewer. The peer review process is double-blind, reflecting high standards of scientific quality. Technical criteria, such as quality, language level, and technical competence are crucial for accepting or rejecting the submitted article.

The publication fee for authors in Folia Geographica/Ģeogrāfiski Raksti is not applicable.

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