If you want to become a basic value of civilisation – a guardian of the Earth's resources, a weather forecaster, an expert in the field of learning and using them, come and study at the Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences of the University of Latvia (UL FGES)!

While some feel powerless without a GPS navigator, geographers are the ones who are able to orient themselves in space, create road maps and compete brilliantly in the job market, because geographers have the ability to comprehensively see the regularities. Geographers know how to comprehensively evaluate nature, people and economy in every trip and at every newly discovered place. Studying geography also means gaining knowledge about the differences between the countries and cultures of the world, as well as intercultural communication, which is especially important nowadays.

In Latvia, the knowledge and skills of geologists are in great demand in the labour market. Geologists are the ones who study the availability of underground water, test the stability of the soil before construction, and also look for minerals. They also pay attention to these questions: "How, billions of years ago, did the Earth turn from a bubbling blob of lava into an ice-crusted ball and then into a verdant oasis of life?" "How are ice ages related to continental movements and the volcanic cycle?" "Why is the climate change nowadays different from anything Earth has ever experienced?" Geologists can answer these questions because they understand the world more broadly and more deeply. They go on near and far expeditions, use modern methods and equipment, create maps and computer models.

Environmental science specialists are those who help preserve and maintain the balance between human economic activity and environmental protection in the decisions of Latvian municipalities and state institutions. Today, environmental specialists are initiators of many innovations and are indispensable advisers to progressive entrepreneurs, providing their knowledge in the creation of a more environmentally friendly industry.

Nowadays, geographers, geologists, and environmental science specialists strongly care for their land, nature, nation, and country, whilst also being global players. Expert knowledge acquired in Latvia is very useful for colleagues around the world and for work in international organisations.

Studying at the faculty also means acquired skills in applying space satellite technologies and drones in research of territories and spatial development planning, as well as in creating sustainable policies.

Studying at the faculty also means traveling – exploring both Latvia and further lands. Every journey teaches you to overcome difficulties and make new friends who are united, whether you are pitching a tent together and lighting a fire in the rain, or finding your way across swamps, bogs and high mountain meadows in Europe.

Join and become a member of the Geographer mafia, whose flag has flown even in Antarctica!